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Project Description
Game made for the 2012 Windows 8 Megathon. Second place in Madrid's local competition.

This is a game made for the two-day Megathon Windows 8 event celebrated in Madrid on June 2012. Programming was made by me and art and audio assets were contributed by Ricardo 'riacosta' Acosta.

The code has only been minimally reordered, commented and updated to the latest versions of both SharpDX and Linq To Twitter, so it retains some chaotic last-minute fixes made before showing it to the judges. Source code contains both the game's source code and two small tools made using the Open Asset Import wrapper Assimp .NET and ManagedSquish for precompiling the models and textures to formats more easily readable by the game.

Part of this code (mainly helper XAML/SharpDX classes) is copyright 2010-2012 Alexandre Mutel.
SharpDX is copyright 2010-2012 Alexandre Mutel.
Open Asset Import library is copyright 2006-2012 assimp team.
Assimp .NET is copyright 2012 Nicholas Woodfield.

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